Fazzle Bazzle Coffee Gardens ©

Where things are more like they used to be, than they are now ©


Imagine an old fashioned coffee shop, without wi-fi, without people sitting around working on notebook computers or texting on cell phones. Electronic devices of all types are not allowed in any of our coffee gardens. A place where people sit, relax, and carry on conversations with others in the room. A place where you can select green coffee beans from a large variety of countries, and have them roasted for you while you enjoy a free cup of coffee. Or, perhaps you would like some gelato, made in our coffee garden, either as a cone, a milkshake, or a small bowl. We will also offer 'nibblies' at each of our gardens, such as muffins and cookies, or whatever is appropriate in your country. If coffee isn't your drink, we will also provide a variety of loose leaf tea to calm your frazzled nerves. Want a tea or coffee to go? Either bring your own to-go mug, or buy one of ours, and you're all set. We do not use paper or plastic cups; period.


Relax, read a newspaper or a magazine, or play a game of backgammon with one of the other patrons. Oops, your cup is empty? Don't worry, we'll give you a free refill.


If you would be interested in acquiring global licensing rights for our coffee gardens, and have experience in global marketing, please contact us. We will assume that you also have the financial wherewithall.



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